Are you starving your body of essential nutrients?     
Today we are all eating more than enough food, but is this food actually giving your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy?

Unfortunately due to intensive farming methods, soil depletion, and picking of crops unripened, except if you are growing a large proportion of your fruit and vegetables you are likely to be deficient in at least some key nutrients such as magnesium, selenium and some key vitamins  even if you are buying mostly organic. 
Watch the video below for more details on why you are nutrient deficient and what you can do about it. 

This is just a few examples of vital minerals and vitamins that we are deficient in

  • 70 % are deficient in magnesium
  • 40 % deficient in vitamin B12
  • 75 % deficient in vitamin D and is the most prevalent deficiency worldwide, effecting not just those of us who don’t see enough sun!
  • Only 1/5 of the world population meet suggested vitamin E levels
  • 5-10% in developed countries deficient in zinc
  • 4 million people in the uk may be deficient in iron

To help with this you reach for some supplements.




The majority of supplements, including leading high quality brands are made up of synthetic substances and/or go through extensive chemical processes.
Your body is not designed to absorb these synthetics and so only a small amount is utilised at best, the rest is excreted making expensive pee and poop and putting a strain on your liver and kidneys, or is being stored in your fat cells. (one of the reasons its hard to loose those pesky extra pounds).

Even worse research is showing that these synthetic compounds are causing cellular breakdown and even cancer.

What you need is a macro and micro nutrient complex that is food based 

Very few companies offer food based nutritional supplements that provide a balanced supply of essential vitamins and minerals, plus much more. 

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