It breaks my heart that so many people are not prepared to put time, effort or money into their health, taking it for granted until something goes radically wrong.  When it does you are also breaking the heart of your loved ones.

Were you one of the millions that got flu or a bug this winter that left you feeling weak and unwell for weeks? I was aware of nearly everyone around me complaining how rough they felt but very few took any action to improve or change how they look after their health? They just kept reaching for over the counter remedies which do little more than prolong symptoms as they stop the body’s natural defence systems doing their work. Just think back to how you felt at this time, or another time you were sick. Were you able to work, to care for your family, did you have the energy to go out and do the things you love?

Chronic disease and cancer rates are on the rise in all age groups destroying lives, not just the life of the sufferers but also those around them. I know first hand having suffered myself with a chronic disease and from loosing my husband to cancer. I thought before I was sick I was healthy, I eat well, did some exercise, spent time in nature but I was wrong on many levels. I also thought the medical profession has the answers. What I’ve discovered is they may be great in an emergency, but when it comes to chronic disease they don’t have the resources, the know how, or their hands are tied by government protocols and pharmaceuticals mostly add to your problems with side effects.

Modern life is killing us and we have to work harder to stay healthy!

To be healthy it is up to YOU, but I can assure you it’s worth the effort. Looking good, feeling good and having the energy to do what I like as well as help protect this wonderful planet we live on is worth a few sacrifices. Actually  I’m saving money and I don’t feel I’m depriving myself from anything. I don’t buy expensive cleaning products, I use vinegar or aloe Vera. I don’t buy processed foods, I prepare my own meals from real ingredients. Most are them are quick and easy I’m not one to spend hours in the kitchen. I know what foods are right for me and keep sugar, wheat and dairy to the minimum.All my skin care and make up is totally natural. Most cost less than popular brands.

Did you know the average western woman puts 5lb of toxins into her body each year from beauty products? 

I spend time out in nature everyday and I don’t use sun cream except if I’m in direct sun at the height of the day. The money I save is spent on good quality supplements. I wouldn’t be without vitamin D, magnesium, selenium or Redox molecules because I know however good my diet, the food no longer due to soil depletion has enough and as my body ages it doesn’t produce enough Redox signals to make use of what I put into it.

You have a choice?

Continue as normal and risk another miserable winter with flu (you are more likely to be sick if you have flu shots as they lower your immunity) and chronic disease being part of your future, if it’s not already, along with damaging the planet.
You can join me in making health your number 1 asset and in doing so not only improving your life and the lives of your family, but also helping generations to come.

If you want support in making  vital changes to your health give me a call.