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Menopause is a natural and normal process – not a  medical condition!
Thousands of women struggle on a daily basis with menopausal symptoms.
They feel embarrassed and mortified by hot flushes, find it hard to sleep, have difficulty concentrating at work and snap at loved ones and colleagues for no real reason. If they go to their doctors, their symptoms are blamed on menopause and they are offered hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and antidepressants.

Menopause is a natural process, so if you are experiencing symptoms it is your body’s way of telling you something is out of alignment. This is typically related to stress, diet, beliefs and disconnection from who you are as a woman.

In this empowering book, Pam Lob an expert in health and well-being

  • takes a holistic viewpoint on menopause, stress and diet,
  • gives you information you can use to make informed treatment decisions
  • offers tips and practices which look at your body, mind, emotions and spirit – as well as your relationships and how you work and play – which will help you with those pesky menopausal symptoms,
  • supports you in having a healthy, joyous life. This is not just for you, as your loved ones will benefit too. And its not just for now, but for the rest of your days,
  • and much more!

This book is for women struggling with menopause, women who want to take a preventative approach before menopause creeps up on them and anyone who wants to get into the best shape of their life for life.

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About the Author

After a lengthy battle with her own health issues, followed by the death of her husband it would have been easy for Pam to hide away from the world to grieve, live a staid and boring existence and to carry on fighting her hormones.

But instead Pam chooses to grasp life with both hands and over the last few years has transform into a joyful sassy, healthy, adventurous goddess who no longer wants to play small.

As an author, speaker and health coach  Pam helps, supports and inspires people who are struggling with health issues, menopause, weight problems, stress and anxiety. Those who want instead to feel healthy, joyful, relaxed, and fulfilled

As a qualified nurse, holistic hypnotherapist, counsellor and coach, with a degree in psychology, along with years of personal development and life experience Pam knows what works.  She is not your usual health practitioner who takes a one-size-fits-all approach.  She works with the world’s first personalised scientific health programme and along with her training as an Art of Feminine Presence Teacher has  a unique combination of strategies and secrets to share.Pam is an international speaker who has appeared on stage and radio in the UK, USA, and Australia and was featured in the 2014 Bounce Back Queens World Summit.

Pam is author of Amazon number 1 bestseller Beyond Hot and Crazy-A Radical Guide to Living Well with Menopause and co-author in the number 1 Amazon best selling book PROCRASTINATION BEGONE – 11 Ways to SPARK your Motivation and Light UP Your Business.