Beyond Hot and Crazy Resources


I hope you have been enjoying Beyond Hot and  Crazy, and finding the information I share useful, so you can say good bye for good to those pesky menopausal symptoms  and say hello to getting into the best shape of your life for life.

Here are some additional resources to help and support you on your journey 



Instant Tips to Move Beyond Hot and Crazy

Pause Meditation 

Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Hypnotherapy
Emotional Release and Destress Hypnotherapy
Seaside Walk Meditation

Food Diary 

To make lasting change, you need support and the sort of  expert guidance that is not available from friends and family.  It’s a known fact that all successful people and athletes have coaches to guide and support them.  I now wouldn’t be without a coach.

I’m not your usual health practitioner or coach who takes a one-size-fits-all approach. I’m here to guide and support you not just as your coach, but I also want to be your Genie, helping you unleash your own miracles.  With the help of my years of professional training as a nurse, psychologist and hypnotherapist, alongside my personal experience of chronic disease and my husbands cancer diagnosis and death.  I have in my toolkit some of the worlds top scientific breakthroughs and some great secrets that I would love to share with you.

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