I help successful women in midlife drop the weight, look great and have the energy to take on the world

Do you  …

  • Feel like a stranger in your own body and are saying “what the heck!”?
  • Struggle with sleep deprivation and constantly feel exhausted?
  • Find unwanted pounds creeping on?


Hello, I’m Pam your health and transformation genie. I know what this is like, I’ve been there and discovered this does not have to be our future. As a qualified nurse, psychologist and Health Dynamics Consultant I’m here to support you reclaim and revitalise your body, mind and life.

Midlife Rejuvenation Blueprint

The successful woman’s guide to drop the weight, look great and have the energy to take on the world.

Imagine you wake up every day brimming with health, energy and filled with motivation, purpose and a passion for life.

What would your life look like?

But right now things are not so rosy and you know something needs to change.  What is it you want? 

To say good night to a poor nights sleep and good morning to waking refreshed and excited to face the day.

To discover the right foods for you and your body, to reach your ideal weight and maintain it.

To say goodbye to stress and anxiety and hello to calm and balance even in the midst of a storm.

To jump into enough energy and vitality to work and still have some left at the end of the day for you and your family to enjoy.

To give your body and your life what it requires to look good, feel good and heal so you have joy, happiness and fulfilment.

To let go of brain fog and rediscover claity, focus, productivity and creativity as you get into flow.

Can you afford to constantly ignore the signs that all is not well?
Menopausal symptoms are a sign things in your body and life are out of balance and if you don’t address them things are likely to get worse. 

Without your health and vitality every aspect of your life:-family, relationships, business, earning potential all suffer!

If you change nothing how will your life, health and wellbeing look in a years time?
If you don’t act now at best things will still be the same, but most likely you will be on the slippery slope to disease and long term health issues.  Is this what you want?

You know you deserve more, right?

It’s time to turn off unhelpful, unhealthy habits and REIGNITE your vitality, health, motivation and focus!

You are unique and every part of you and your life is interconnected. Therefore we can not address any issue no matter what it is in isolation if you want lasting and sustainable change.

Book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Chat right now and let me support you to get your health and your life back on track.

I’m here to introduce your to personalised health.  To support, motivate and inspire you on a step by step journey to health, happiness, balance and success in all area of your life. With the bonus of weight loss and to look and feel younger. 

Welcome to Health Dynamics

Discover your own personal path for health and success.

Health Dynamics is the only system in the world to provide you with your unique personal path to health. Using a combination of Wealth Dynamics, the leading system used by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world and Ayurveda with over 5000 years of the science of Life. Health Dynamics was born using the best strategies from both to compile a complete personalised understanding of your mind and body.

Wealth Dynamics  is used by top corporations and millions of individuals around the world to learn which of the eight paths is your natural path to entrepreneurial success and finding flow and ease in your business and personal life.   

I believe that your body can 100% heal itself if you listen and give it what it needs. Ageing is optional! And vitality comes when you know who you truly are and live true to yourself every single day.

Are you ready to make changes in your life to move beyond hot and crazy, to improve your health, relationships, business and overall energy and wellbeing?

I work predominantly online and have done so for several years, I am happy to work with you no matter where you are in the world.

With great assessment tools like Health and Wealth Dynamics and years of professional health courses and loads of personal experience of health issues, menopause and grief.  I ‘m here to support you to access your own inner “Fountain of Youth” within your body and mind and to tap into your own sustainable inner energy to let go of what holds you back.

I love to think and act outside the box, so sessions are geared to where you are at and your unique needs. We will not just sit and talk, but take joyful connected action.

Book a call today for a complimentary no obligation 30 minute chat and discover some tips and strategies to transform your life right away.

Ready to go deeper and to rejuventate and revitalise NOW? 


  • Health Dynamics Test
  • Health Spectrum Test
  • PDF Report.

Cost £80  ($97*)



  • Online Health Assessments includes: Health Dynamics, Health Spectrum Test, Toxicity levels and Life balance
  • Consultation: 1 hour to discover where you are right now and set the first goals and actions.
  • 1 hour deep dive one to one session to design a 3 month health plan to positively transform your life on all levels
  • Health plan and strategy report
  • On going support and motivation via email, SMS or messenger.
  • 30 minute 3 month follow up

Cost: £555     ($694*)


  • All of Silver


  • 6 one to one sessions to have accountability and to ensure success.
    Topics covered personalised to you.  could include …
    Limiting Beliefs
    Shadow work
    Art of Feminine Presence
    Get into flow in your business.

Cost £1100   ($1375*)

About Me

After a lengthy battle with my own health issues, followed by the death of my husband it would have been easy to hide away from the world to grieve, live a staid and boring existence and to carry on fighting my hormones.

But instead I chose to grasp life with both hands and over the last few years have transform into a joyful sassy, healthy, adventurous goddess who no longer plays small.

As an author, speaker, healer and health coach, I support  people who are struggling with health issues, menopause, weight problems, bereavement, stress and anxiety.  I’ve worked online with clients from the early days of the internet. 

I will help you create a vibrant life of health, joy relaxation and fulfilment.

As a qualified nurse, holistic hypnotherapist, counsellor and coach, with a degree in psychology, along with years of personal development and life experience plus training as an Art of Feminine Presence Teacher. I have unique cocktail of vitality strategies and secrets that will give you the energy and clarity you need to crate the body, lifestyle, or business you’ve been dreaming of!

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“I found that each session was thought through for my particular situation and despite my negative thought processes, Pam always found a way of showing me how to look at things differently and ultimately in a more positive light. After just a few sessions, I was more relaxed, I am now back in full time employment and I am more positive than ever about my futures.”

“I find Pam quiet hypnotic in her approach, it was good to chat with her and gain her advice regarding personal matters. Her calming influence and professional approach is the reason I would highly recommend Pam.”

“Heart I.Q has helped me enormously to get life into perspective, by seeing things from a different side of myself, away from the physical mind and body, helping my creative flow again..”

 My Book

Beyond Hot and Crazy
A Radical Guide to Living Well with Menopause

There are thousands of women struggling on a daily basis with menopausal symptoms.  They feel embarrassed and mortified by hot flushes.  They find it hard to sleep.  It is difficult to concentrate at work and they snap at colleagues and loved ones for no real reason.  If they consult a doctor, their symptoms are blamed on menopause and they are offered Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and anti-depressants.  Very few doctors bother to look at the real causes of their patient’s symptoms.

Menopause is a natural process, so if you are experiencing symptoms, remember that it is your body’s way of telling you something is out of alignment.

With this, expert in health and well-being and author Pam Lob releases a holistic guide to living well with menopause and beyond, naturally. A must-read!

Available in papeback, audio and kindle

It’s Time To Make A  Difference To Those Less Fortunate!

I’ve joined B1G1 to help those less fortunate than we are. I’ve already made 550 impacts for health projects in the way of clean water and sanitation in Africa and India.
I’ve chosen to support the training of health leaders in Indonesia for this page as it has an impact on the whole community and the health of the land around them. So every time some one becomes a customer or purchases a training or coaching program I will be paying for a health leader in Indonesia  


It's Time To Address The Elephant In The Room

At this time of great uncertainty due to Corvid-19 its really important to know what the wishes are of your loved ones if they fall sick and become incapacitated.

You Don't have to be Poor to be Malnourished!

It’s getting harder and harder to have all the vital vitamins and minerals you need for optimal health.

You are not just what you eat but what you absorb!

What's your Most Important Asset?

 The majority response is something material such as “my house, my car” and if you own a business “my business”. If asked what’s most important to you? Then it’s things like family, friends, hobbies, my career.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Transforming your health and your life!
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