A women comes running past you in the park as you sit on a bench eating your lunch and watching the world go by. You watch her effortless grace as she runs away from you and you wish you had the energy to walk at a pace, not alone run and look this good. Oh to be young and fit again!

As you sit there dreaming the runner comes around again and this time sits down beside you. Saying “Hi, great to see you” in a breathless voice. As she catches her breath you look across and realise it’s a friend, the same age as you who you haven’t seen in ages. Last time you had met was over weight and even more unfit than you are. Your jaw drops open in amazement and before you can stop yourself you ask her “what the hell has happened to you, you look amazing?” She turns and grins, replying with “thank you, I’m feeling fantastic, I don’t think I have ever felt this good, who would have thought last year I would ever be seen in Lycra and running round the park”.
She goes onto explain “I’ve been taking a supplement that allows my body to heal from the inside out and a cream containing the same ingredients on my skin, that boosts my health from the outside in. Look how my wrinkles have reduced and how soft my skin feels.” You compare her skin to mine and there is no comparison, she is glowing and you can see it’s not just from the exercise. Yours is dry and wrinkles are erupting your sure by the day. Your sure last time you saw her she looked older than you. Now look at her. Wow! How is this possible in just a few months?
She asks if you have ever heard of Redox signalling. “Redox isn’t that something you put in the bath?” She laughs “no thats a different spelling. This happens inside your body and is how your cells communicate within themselves and with each other, repair and get replaced. Fascinating stuff. If you are interested in the science and finding out more come round for coffee, I’ll show you a video, and you can get to try the products for yourself, if you are interested.” Boy are you interested, who doesn’t want to look this good! You’ve been trying to loose a stubborn few pounds, well to be honest lots of pounds for the last few years. She says goodbye and that she will call to arrange a time to get together. You sit and watch her walk away feeling jealous of her figure and looks, she could be easily 10 years younger and from behind could be in her twenties.
You carry on eating your lunch day dreaming of what you would do if you had more energy, the new clothes you would buy if you lost some weight and got fitter, the compliments you would receive from friends and family.

A light bulb flashes inside your head as you recognise that you have been taking your health for granted and putting all the niggling pains and stiffness, the slowing down to getting older. If she has turned her health around, why can’t you? You realise that if you start to look after your health and putting yourself first, plus trying this strange sounding product you could also enjoying the freedom that a healthy body brings, feel younger not older and be seen in slim jeans and a fitted sweater walking at a good pace around the park, lycra and running are a step to far, however miraculous this product is!

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