Do you nurture yourself on a daily basis?

I’m not talking about your daily shower or cleaning your teeth, these are essentials. It’s time out from the daily grind and chores for you to do something you love just for YOU.

Be honest. The only person you are kidding here is yourself!

My guess is if you are a woman with work and family commitments it’s less than 2 hours a week and I’m being generous here. If you are a career driven business women it’s probably similar.

Ladies if you want to carry on having the energy and health to care for your family, have a long successful career and when retirements comes you’re able to enjoy it, you have to have daily ‘me time’ that is non negotiable.

When you fly you are told to put on your oxygen mask first, before helping others. If you don’t you’re likely to die. The same is true if you keep on giving and don’t receive, or take time to fill yourself up first. At best you will be burnt out or fall sick!

Taking time to nurture yourself is as essential as brushing your teeth. Over half the UK population has a chronic disease by retirement. Many of these could have been prevented if only they had taken sometime to nuture themselves, reduced stress and made health a priority not something taken for granted.

If you want to keep caring and supporting others you have to fill yourself up first. Life needs to be balanced in giving and receiving. For most women the seesaw is locked in the down position. It’s time to let it loose and have some fun.

Add ‘nurture time’ to your diary and make it non negotiable. If something urgent comes up. Move it. DO NOT DELETE.  In an emergency double it, you need it more than ever.

What you do for ‘me time’ is up to you, but it must be for YOU and bring you joy.

Enjoy and let me know how you are doing.

Need support and you probably will. This is a tough one! Book a FREE Discovery session right NOW. You deserve it. 🙂