Stress is a Slippery Beast
It can save your Life or Lead to Your Demise

 Our bodies are wonderful things and if given what they need in the right balance we will be blessed with optimal health. This sounds simple but in practice in todays modern society is impossible to achieve.
Our bodies are designed to deal with acute stress, it can even save our life. It’s what gives us the strength to run from a lion, cope in and emergency, do well in an exam, or improve our bodies strength and performance from exercise.  Once over and given a period of rest our body and mind can even be stronger. 
However chronic stress, which is now impossible to avoid never gives the body time to regain its equilibrium and heal. This leads to cellular damage, inflammation and lowered immunity which are the root cause of nearly every disease from the common cold to cancer and heart disease.

Stress is not just emotional, or caused by a large life event such as a bereavement, divorce, or moving house. It’s the ongoing daily stressors that have a longterm big impact, such as work and money pressures, the daily commute, trying to balance family and work life, to name a few – the full list would take pages.
 Environmental stress is also having a huge impact and is impossible to avoid.  Our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis from EMF’s, toxins and chemicals of all descriptions found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, skin care and cleaning products and even the furniture we are sitting on. Even eating super foods can be adding to the stress if they are not right for your unique body type, along with not been in the right physical environment for you.

We are also now in the Christmas season and women in particular add to their already overflowing stress levels as they strive for the perfect Christmas day, rush around trying to buy the right presents and get to see everyone. Then you add in all the additional alcohol, rich and heavily sweetened foods and long periods with relatives. Any of which can be the tipping point from health to disease.

It may feel like you are doomed!
And to some extent we all are! We can never totally avoid stress, but we can reduce it and give our body what it requires to stand a fighting chance for health. 

However if you are carrying on as usual not admitting you are addicted to stress, are waiting for the government to make changes, or for the health service to repair the damage already inflicted, you stand a very high chance of joining what is rapidly becoming the majority (it is already the majority if you are over 60) who have cancer, or some other chronic health condition

The only person who can really help you is you! It’s time to take action and responsibility and put YOUR HEALTH as the very top priority, even before your family, because if you are sick or even worse dead you can’t be there for them.

Actions you can take to reduce stress

  • Take a cell signalling supplement that supports your cells to heal and communicate effectively what they need as well as switch on the right genes.
  • Stop worrying about the past (it can’t be changed) or the future (it may never happen) and live in the now.
  • Practice mindfulness, gratitude and compassion.
  • Eat the right foods for your body type.
  • Eat organic food as much as possible.
  • Reduce/eliminate processed foods, sugar and alcohol.
  • Avoid all artificial sweeteners and transfats like margarine and vegetable oils. 
  • Do not have a smart meter installed
  • Turn all electronic gadgets onto airplane mode or switch off wifi at night. Say NO to 5G.
  • Use your phone on speaker and not hold it close to your ear and head 
  • Exercise, but also give your body rest days
  • Stop trying to be a perfectionist. There is no such thing as perfection!
  • Take whole food supplements, not supplements made from chemicals that your body cannot absorb.
  • Use natural skin care, makeup and cleaning products.
  • Spend time with positive and joyful people and eliminate or at least reduce time spent with people who sap your energy. 
  • Learn to say no to others and yes to yourself. Self care and ‘metime’ are essential and non negotiable.
  • Get out in nature daily
  • Relax 

If you are struggling with life in any way, please don’t struggle alone, or if you want more information on cell signalling and whole food supplements reach out for a free conversation with me.


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