What’s your most important asset?

When asked what’ you most important asset? The majority response is something material such as “my house, my car” and if you own a business “my business”. If asked what’s most important to you? Then it’s things like family, friends, hobbies, my career.

Rarely does health appear in the equation, or it’s down in the lower part of the list.

Are you taking your health for granted? 

When you are young, or feeling well, it’s easy to take your health for granted. I used to and I was a health professional, seeing people daily struggle to survive. I even injured my back and that wasn’t enough to make me change. 
Then I started getting chronic pain and fatigue. At the time I had to young children, it was incredibly difficult to give them all the care and attention they required and impossible to work as well as I didn’t have the energy. After surgery my life improved but 3 years later my husband was diagnosed with Leukaemia and spent months at a time in hospital, he wasn’t able to work and it got to the point it was impossible for me to either. These sort of challenges effect income, family relationships, friendships, in fact every aspect of your life is compromised, or challenged and priorities change overnight. My husband unfortunately did not make it, but my health is now the best it has ever been and I’m on a mission to prevent people going through the hell we did. 

So I implore you to wake up and put your HEALTH as YOUR top asset and priority.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring – everyone of us has the potential to be in an accident today! Disease can take years before you see the signs and symptoms so who knows what is brewing inside of you. Given the rise in chronic disease and cancer at all ages and our toxic environments it is highly likely that something is already manifesting, or your body is struggling to keep you healthy.

Here in the UK most people don’t consider the financial implications alone of falling sick, as there is sick pay at least initially and you can access care without being landed with a hefty bill. If you are in the US you are more aware of the costs of visiting a doctor and the vast bills for hospital care so are likely to negotiate health insurance as part of your employee package, or to set it up for yourself if you can afford to do so. No matter where you live in the world, if you end up with a longterm chronic condition your life, work and family life are going to be compromised.

The health provisions in all countries are not about health, but about sick care. what they offer is restricted by government guidelines and increasing the profit of the pharmaceutical industry. The medical profession are taught very little about prevention, nutrition, or actual causes of disease. They are taught sign and symptom management and if you end up under several specialists there is little to no communication between them, so can end up with treatments that contradict each other, or on several drugs that do the same thing. Therefore you need to be the expert on what’s right for you and your body, yes be advised by your doctors, but don’t just say yes without understanding or doing research into the implications. (Don’t forget Google etc are search engines and not research engines!)

YOU and you alone are in charge of your life and your destiny. If you want to look and feel healthy and full of vitality for the rest of your life HEALTH has to be your most important asset. Accidents may happen, but if you are healthy a quick and successful full recovery is more likely.

Health doesn’t have to be hard work, or depriving yourself. It’s about awareness and making informed choices and gradually introducing healthier ways into your life. As you feel more energised and your body is balanced correctly you don’t need, or want to reach for a sugar fix, or that glass of wine to get through the evening, but can go to a special occasion and have a drink and a piece of cake and enjoy it without feeling guilty, or over indulging.

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