Today is Friday 13th and for many years it has been seen as a day of bad luck.


To suppress women as Friday is named after the Norse Goddess Freya and Friday 13th was traditionally a day to celebrate the Goddess and feminine spiritual flow.

It’s time to see Friday 13th as a day of good luck and also to reclaim your feminine essence.  When you are not in your natural essence, be it masculine or feminine you are adding stress to your body and your actions are hard work and tiring.

Essence typically goes with gender but not always. Most of society, especially the school and business systems are set up to accommodate masculine energy.  For most women focusing on masculine energy and essence is the norm.  Many have forgotten or don’t know how to connect with their feminine essence. We need polarity of the essences and as so many women are acting from their masculine, men are having to act from their feminine, with the result everyone is stressed.

I used to operate from my masculine essence and the result was pain, stress, lack of connection and been invisible.  Learning to connect with my feminine essence has been deeply healing on many levels.  I no longer experience pelvic pain, I’m more confident, feel safer and have more presence.

Feminine essence comes from within it has nothing to do with what you wear.

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