Many people are struggling with life on many levels today. They are unhappy with their work, their body image, their health and relationships are stagnating.

One thing that leads to all the above and most issues is disconnection.

When we think about connection, it’s typically related to how we are connecting with others around us. Though this is important, today I want to focus on what is frequently neglected connection to yourself, your whole wonderful self.

Disconnection is often a way of coping. This can be from others, but more often from SELF.
It was a strategy I used for many years to cope with my own health issues and lose of my husband.
But all disconnection does is to keep you stuck as ‘what you resist persists’.Learning to connect transformed my life on every level.

We are energetic beings made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritualparts.

However, modern life has many of you pretty much only focusing on the mentalaspects. This manifests in feeling guilty about the past and worrying about the future, and/or listening to the little voice in your head that tells you negative, untrue stories in a way you would never dream of saying to someone else.

The physical body is ignored or taken for granted until something goes wrong, or is severe enough to produce symptoms.

Emotions are labelled as positive and negative and some such as anger we are told from a young age are unacceptable to express, so become squashed and disconnected until they explode as an out of control unhealthy emotion such as rage, or as a disease.
To be whole, we need all our core emotions and to express them in a safe and loving manner. Just as a rainbow needs all its colours to shine we need all our emotions to blossom.
If you suppress one emotion you also suppress its opposite partner so without sadness there is no happiness and without anger there is no passion. Suppressing what you are feeling causes the emotion to become stuck when you allow emotions to be felt and expressed in the moment they quickly run through you and are done. Just watch a young child and see how fast they move from anger, to sadness to laughter

As a way of coping many people turn to spiritual practices and they are fantastic, but focusing purely on the spiritual also causes lack of grounding and connection to other parts and to life itself.

If you are not feeling your body, you won’t be able to feel your energetic body, a gentle background hum. When you learn to feel your energy you can discover in what parts of your body, it gets stuck or restricted and can then explore ways to open your energy channels.

Another frequent disconnect is from your natural essence, be it feminine, or masculine . In striving for equality many women are predominantly working from their masculine essence, and this is adding unconscious stress to their body. To maintain the natural balance of society, men are connecting more to their feminine essence and this is also stressing them. When we operate from our natural essence, life becomes easier, there is less stress and relationships with others improve.

Take time each day to pause, feel in primarily to your body with curiosity, then move to your emotions. If your mind tells you stories or making a judgement, acknowledge it and return your focus to your body. Then just sit in stillness for a minute and see if your higher self comes up with a pop up of inspiration.

If you are struggling with life in any way, please don’t struggle alone, reach out for a free conversation with me.

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