During lockdown …
Have you been comfort eating?
Eating out of boredom?
Drinking alcohol daily?

You are not alone. Thousands are now finding their clothes are to tight and they are scared of stepping on the bathroom scales.

Weight gain if left unchecked is a slippery slope into obesity!  Obesity increases the risk of disease of all kinds and has found to be a large contributor to complications and death from Covid-19.

Are you ready to take action, to turn things around, to lose weight, improve your health and feel good about yourself?

There are thousands of diets out there but the majority just don’t work. You may lose weight in the short term but find within weeks you are back to where you started or are even heavier. You may be someone who has yoyo’d in weight for years.

Diets don’t work as they don’t recognise you are unique and what is right for you is nor right for the person next door. They leave you feeling deprived and often under nourished and rely on determination and conscious awareness. The minute these slip and they will, back comes the weight.

What you put into or don’t put into your mouth is important, but losing weight and maintaining the weight loss is so much more. It’s about a healthy lifestyle and more importantly connection with your whole self and not just your mind. No part of you works in isolation. Health, vitality and your weight go hand in hand, so just looking at what food you are putting into your mouth is not enough for sustainable change.

Are you ready to make changes and take action to improve your health and lose weight?

Do you want to have the vitality to be able to play with your kids and grandkids and follow your dreams?

Do you want to look and feel good about yourself?

Do you want to feel healthier, improve a health condition or reduce menopausal symptoms?

Do you want to reduce stress and overwhelm?

There has never been a better time than NOW to take action and to make changes in your life that will support you to lose weight and improve your health right now but also keeping the weight off for good.

Have you accepted the weight gain and/or health issues, or are you avoiding the truth?

To lose weight and improve health you first need to acknowledge and accept where you are right now. This has nothing to do with liking. It’s “yes this is how things are and it sucks, I don’t like how it makes me feel.” From this place change can happen. If you keep resisting what ever it is will persist.

Do you know when you are hungry or more importantly you have eaten enough?

Do you know when and why emotionally you are raiding the fridge or the biscuit/cookie barrel?

For the majority of people the answer to these questions is no. The frenetic ness of modern life and our educational systems has taught us to be in our minds – feeling guilty about yesterday and worrying about tomorrow. Yet you also have a physical, emotional and energetic body and it’s time to reconnect with them. Research shows we are only using 10% of what we are capable of, it’s time to change this.

Do you know what toxins you are giving your body each day?

Your body is amazing.  Give it the right things and it can heal itself. It also does all it can to protect you from harm. One of the ways it does this is to store toxins it can’t excrete as fat. So some of your excess weight is your body protecting itself from harm. Toxins today are all around us, but you can and must reduce them if you want to lose weight. It’s time to start reading labels and choosing natural ingredients!      

How good are you at taking ‘me time’, at putting yourself first?

Do you receive as well as give?

Women especially suck at these. It’s not being selfish, they are essential. To have a supply of energy to give and support others, you need a plentiful supply and if you don’t look after your own needs this supply runs out.

Have these questions I’ve posed helped you see things need to change if you want to lose weight and be healthy, not just for now but also the rest of your life?

I am passionate about health, I know what it’s like to have a chronic health condition and to lose people I loved to soon. I am on a mission to improve health and wellbeing of this world with a holistic approach that positively impacts not just people but also our beautiful planet.

To support you on the first steps of your journey to lose weight and improve your health for good I’ve put together an online course of short videos, playbooks and meditations. These will help you answer and take action on the questions I’ve posed here as well as many other aspects I’ve not covered here.

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