There was great excitement back in 2001 when the human genome was mapped for the first time and it was believed that we now had the answer to life and how to be healthy.  It’s turned out not to be that straight forward.

Our genes are just a blueprint. They are like the script to a play. It is the environment, our epigenetics both inside and outside our bodies that determine how a gene is expressed. With a script for a play how it turns out depends on the director and the actor’s interpretation of the script. Even if you go and see the same play night after night, there will always be subtle differences.

We each have millions of genes yet only 5-10% are set in stone, such as blood type, your bone structure, where the organs are placed in your body. All the rest can be turned on and off, or up and down by your internal or external environment. A whole new area of study, referred to as epigenetics, is exploring these interactions and outcomes.
We can abuse our bodies considerably before they start showing the ill effects. We sit up and take notice when diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, diabetes.
Other things like carrying to much weight, feeling fatigued are warning signs that all is not well, but do we take notice? Often the answer is no and then it becomes to late. Its much harder to reverse chronic disease than prevent it happening in the first place.
What are the main environmental and lifestyle factors that are affecting your health and wellbeing?


What you eat: Eating healthily means keeping process foods including sugar and certain fats like canola oil to the minimum. However not all healthy foods are right for everyone. 6% of the population should not eat Broccoli. If you are tall and very slim like a super model you should not be nibbling on a lettuce leaf but having well cooked and warm food like stews and casseroles.

How you exercise: Like diets there are exercise fads. The big one at the moment is high interval training. For my body that’s great, but other body shapes need endurance and do better running at a slow steady pace on the treadmill or outside. The fine boned models should not be lifting heavy weights over their heads as it can damage their spines.

How your mind works: Your mind is also unique to you. What is right for me, will stress someone else. Some of us are untidy (me) and others are tidy. We all think, but your hormones determine whether thinking is dominant for you, or whether you learn better through doing, seeing, or feeling.

Your talents: Are you doing a job that you love and feels more like a hobby? Or are you doing something that leaves you stressed, exhausted and dissatisfied by the end of the day. We often end up in jobs and careers to please others or because that was the only thing available. This constant stress is having a big impact on your long term health.

Who you socialise with: Friendship and family relations have a big impact on health and for some people this is more important to have in their lives than what they eat. But we also have relationships that drain us. I always call these grey people as they sap the life out of you and leave you feeling exhausted. Where ever possible remove them from your life or reduce the amount of time or impact they have on you.

Your outdoor environment: What climate is best for you?

Do you like it hot, cold, humid, dry?

Do you thrive in countryside, by the sea or in a city?

We can’t all live in our ideal climate so its good to go on holiday to the right place for you.

Your indoor environment: Does your home feel warm and inviting? Are you using colours that make you feel good?

You want your home to be somewhere that nurtures and relaxes you. If you share your home with someone that has very different needs and tastes to you. Each have an area that you can furnish to your needs.
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