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 A membership site for leaders who want to be free to explore their WholenessSovereignty and Genius to transform the world.

Launch price
€33 a month
€333 a year 

Welcome to Wholyland

Where the wisdom from the podcast Live the Impossible Show becomes an interactive community where we manifest the impossible into the future we want to see.

It’s a virtual nation in the form of a membership site for leaders who want to be free to explore their WholenessSovereignty and Genius.

An online platform with the vision to manifest a wholy new nation; where conscious, heart centred leaders connect and play beyond the current matrix to co-create a new reality where we thrive in sovereign leaderhood.  In other words – the impossible becomes a real life reality.

A place where wholeness and holiness come together to transform, balance and collaborate in the design of a safe and harmonious world.

This is a space for those who desire to co-create a world which values authenticity, vulnerability, heart centered compassion and freedom for everyone to express and explore their own unique self and to reach their highest potential.

A land where all opinions and ideas are welcome. We don’t have to agree but we are open to listen without judgement and be willing to change our minds.

We live the impossible and dare to be different!

This is for you if you want…

  • A community of like minded leaders where we all share our genius and gifts
  • To be part of an amplified field to bring ideas out to the world
  • To be the change you want to see in the world
  • To live freely, fully and united
  • To feel embodied and take action to bring your genius to life
  • To bring all parts of yourself together as a whole
  • Honourability, transparency, trust, integrity and sacredness
  • To be part of a thriving and sovereign community

This is for you if you are…

  • Willing, curious and playful
  • Committed to cocreate a thriving world
  • Ready for your own mastery

This is not for those who …

  • Spiritually bypass
  • Don’t value or respect self or others
  • Are not prepared to take action
  • Like to work alone
  • Are not open to new ideas or different perspectives
  • Don’t want to change
  • Only want to focus on positivity and the light

What you get as a member …

You get to remember who you really are – Wholeness

A community of likeminded pilgrims and pioneers who dare to be outside of the matrix

Be part of a heart centred co-creation of the world you want to see


  • Contemplation questions on topic of the month
  • Embodiment practices such as Breathwork/ yoga/ meditations/visualisations/reactivations
  • Deep dive webinars into topic of the month
  • Interactive members circles with Q&A
  • Market place to share your own offerings and services
  • Library of FREE articles, books, blogs, audio’s and videos
  • Live the Impossible Show Podcast with guests chatting on topic of the month
  • Additional courses and offers at reduced cost

Who are We

What People Say 

“Absolutely love the vibrancy, fun and real way that Pam, Susana and Oliver interview, share deeply and vulnerably bring the best out of each speaker. We are in a time where being inspired by each other is a gift and I feel the LIVE the IMPOSSIBLE show is bringing that – Enjoy!”

 “I am throroughly enjoying this engaging podcast! Pam, Susana and Oliver take a deep and wide look at what is possible for us when we actually come into stillness within ourselves and connect with and act on what we really want in our lives. The topics are relevant and thought provoking. Their perspective is refreshing, heart-centred and practical. A beautiful contribution to uplift our own lives as well as our communities.”

Launch price
€33 a month
€333 a year