It’s Time to Discover

What YOUR Unique Body & Mind

Requires for Health, Wellbeing, to Lose Weight

& have a Fulfilling Career

Imagine waking up every morning brimming with energy and filled with motivation, purpose and a passion for life.

What would your life look like?

Do you believe this is out of your reach?  You’ve tried doing in the past  like getting fit, healthy, losing weight, or manage a health issue with little success?

It’s within reach! When you follow a personalised and holistic approach to life you see every aspect of your body and life are interconnected, no part works in isolation and things you thought impossible become possible.

What do you want? 

To say good night to a poor nights sleep and good morning to waking refreshed and excited to face the day.

To reach your ideal weight and maintain it.
To discover and learn about the right foods for you and your body.

To look good, feel good and improve any health issues so you have joy, happiness and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

To say goodbye to stress and anxiety and hello to calm and balance even in the midst of a storm.

To jump into enough energy and vitality to work and still have some left at the end of the day for you and your family to enjoy.

To let go of brain fog and rediscover claity, focus, productivity and creativity as you get into flow.

Getting older does not have to be a slippery slope to being undesirable, slow and doomed to suffering disease.

Are you ready to make a powerful and positive difference to your life, health and wellbeing, not just for now but the rest of your life?

If you do nothing how will your life, health and wellbeing look in a years time, or how about 10 years time?
If you don’t act now at best things will still be the same, but most likely you will be on the slippery slope to disease and long term health issues.  Is this what you want?

You know you deserve more, right?

It’s time to turn off unhelpful, unhealthy habits and REIGNITE your vitality, health, motivation and focus!

Let’s have a chat so you find out what I can do for you and your unique circumstances and needs. Book a Free 20 minute no obligation strategy call and walk away with some personalised tips to transform your life .

I’m here to introduce your to personalised health.  To support, motivate and inspire you on a step by step journey to health, happiness, balance and success in all area of your life.

Welcome to Health Dynamics

Discover your own personal path for health and success.

Health Dynamics is the only system in the world to provide you with your unique person path to health. Using a combination of Wealth Dynamics, the leading system used by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world and Ayurveda with over 5000 years of the science of Life. Health Dynamics was born using the best strategies from both to compile a complete personalised mind body health plan.

Take the  Health Dynamics Profile Test to discover which one of 80 body mind combinations you are and start the journey to understanding your unique body and mind and what they require for optimal health and to be in flow. 

Ayurveda looks at every aspect of human life and offers personalised guidance that has been tested and refined over thousands of years.

Wealth Dynamics  is used by top corporations and millions of individuals around the world to learn which of the eight paths is your natural path to entrepreneurial success and finding flow and ease in your business and personal life.

Disease doesn’t just manifest in the body – you don’t wake up one day with cancer, heart issues or osteoporosis. Rather, it’s caused by a combination of factors including genetic predisposition and also lifestyle factors, which can be modified if you listen to your body’s warning signs, before it turns into full blown disease.

In Ayurveda, we call the development of a disease, the Six Stages of Disease – which begin with niggling little issues (maybe you’re not sleeping well, or you have heartburn) through to the imbalance spreading to other parts of the body, and then the last level, called Infrared, where your natural healing system isn’t able to fight off the illness. It is not until the infrared level that a western Doctor can diagnose and give a label to what is wrong. The earlier you catch and treat an imbalance the better the outcomes.

Taking these tests and having a discussion with me helps you identify the early signs and to take prompt actions for optimal health and wellbeing

To support you to understand all the information, to help you set a health plan and to motivate and inspire you to put them into action and succeed I can be by your side.

Package Options

Discover your personalised path to your best health, happiness, fitness, diet and shape.


  • Health Dynamics Test
  • Health Spectrum Test
  • PDF Report.

Cost £80  ($97*)



  • Online Health Assessments including: Health Dynamics, Health Spectrum Test, Toxicity levels and Life balance
  • Consultation: 1 hour to discover where you are right now and set the first goals and actions.
  • 1 hour deep dive coaching sessions to design a 3 month health plan to positively transform your life on all levels
  • Health plan and strategy report 
  • On going support and motivation via email, SMS or messenger.
  • 30 minute 3 month follow up

Cost: £555     ($694*)


  • All of Silver


  • 6 coaching sessions to have accountability and to ensure success.
    Topics covered personalised to you, but could include
    Limiting Beliefs
    Shadow work
    Art of Feminine Presence
    Getting into flow in your business.

Cost £1100   ($1375*)

* Dollar price subject to exchange rate at time of purchase. 

Not sure its for you, to upgrade, or have any other questions message me or book a no obligation 20 minute chat. 

When you buy one of my programs you do not just help yourself but also help people in other parts of the world
who are less fortunate.


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