Discover How to Age Youthfully and Improve YOUR Health, Vitality and Happiness

You are here because you are at your wits end, but want to feel healthy, vibrant and happy no matter what your age.


Do YOU :

  • Feel hot and crazy due to menopause?
  • Struggle  with disease and pain which interferes with your joy and activity levels?
  • Are weary of feeling tired and exhausted?
  • Carry to much weight?
  • Don’t feel  your ideal self?
  • Thought things would be different by now?
  • Have stagnant relationships?

But What YOU Want Instead is to Shape Up and…

  • Feel healthy, strong and radiant, no matter what your age.
  • Live in a body that feels good to you.
  • Have energy to do what you love to do. 
  • Develop loving boundaries to have more time for yourself.
  • Have relationships that satisfy and stimulate you.
  • Feel joyful, happy and fulfilled.
  • Age youthfully.

It’s time to believe in miracles

 Miracles have come across my path over the last few years and my life has  transformed from one of  pain, menopausal  symptoms and constant exhaustion to one where I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes and have more energy,  radiance and joy.  I am now in the best shape of my life, leading a life beyond my dreams and intend to be in good shape for the rest of my days. 

 I want to be your genie and guide so you can have your version of  the amazing life that I have everyday.  Yes I coach, yes I teach you skills, but if you want a sister or someone to support you on your journey of discovering health, vitality, passion and fulfilling relationships contact me now. 


Why LAST STOP?   Because I’ve been You, I know what it’s like to hurt, I get it I know what it’s like to suffer and I also know what it takes to change all of that. In this free session we are going to sit down together and get to the route cause of your problems something other health providers rarely do, so once and for all you can feel better and take back your life. I will offer you next possible steps and resources. So if you are committed to a new you and improving your life click the button below for a no obligation call.

Free  LAST Stop Discovery Session 

Become part of the new generation of women who believe miracles happen when they put their own health and wellbeing first, so they have more energy and personal resources to support and care for others throughout their lives. 

Now in good shape. Looking and feeling younger than I did 20 years ago

Me out of shape, overweight and feeling constantly exhausted










I want to share with you the things that have helped me to transform my life.  Two of these are personalised health with and ASEA Redox Signalling Molecules.  More information below.

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Personalise Health

For optimal results for YOU and your clients

Everyone of us is unique, yet health care, diets and exercise programs typically take  a one size fits all approach as  devising a personalised health plan specifically for each patient/client can be time consuming and expensive.

Price and time is no longer a barrier. 

Introducing ph360 – giving you personalised epigenetics at your finger tips and your clients a health plan to transform their health.  All  this within minutes and as no expensive laboratory tests are required at a price you and your clients can afford.

ph360 combines modern medicine, ancient wisdom, eastern and western methodologies, science and medicine to enable quantification of someone’s phenotype (body profile) and calculate the needs of the body, digestion, nutritional and environmental needs alongside social and lifestyle preferences, personality traits, natural skills and talents.

Transform your  health and  your clients health and experience by using a personalised health, food, exercise and life plan today.

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Ladies, It’s time to rediscover your feminine essence

Today is Friday 13th and for many years it has been seen as a day of bad luck. Why?  To suppress women as Friday is named after the Norse Goddess Freya and Friday 13th was traditionally a day to celebrate the Goddess and feminine spiritual flow.  It’s time to see...

Are you Fulfilling your Bucket List?

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You don’t have to be poor to be malnourished!

(To just listen or download Mp3 click here:  You Dont Have To Be Poor To Be Malnourished) This is just a few examples of vital minerals and vitamins that we are deficient in 70 % are deficient in magnesium 40 % deficient in vitamin B12 75 % deficient in vitamin D...

My Book

There are thousands of women struggling on a daily basis with menopausal symptoms.  They feel embarrassed and mortified by hot flushes.  They find it hard to sleep.  It is difficult to concentrate at work and they snap at colleagues and loved ones for no real reason.  If they consult a doctor, their symptoms are blamed on menopause and they are offered Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and anti-depressants.  Very few doctors bother to look at the real causes of their patient’s symptoms.

Menopause is a natural process, so if you are experiencing symptoms, remember that it is your body’s way of telling you something is out of alignment.

With this, expert in health and well-being and author Pam Lob releases a holistic guide to living well with menopause and beyond, naturally. A must-read!

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It's time to rediscover your feminine essence: via @YouTube

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“I help you feel alive, joyful, connected and healthy, so you can experience great relationships with yourself and others”

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