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Personalised Health Program

Lose weight and improve your health with ph360 personalised health program. Find out the right foods for you Why foods are good or not so good for you right now Find recipes to inspire you... read more

Beyond Hot and Crazy

Beyond Hot and Crazy- A Radical Guide to Living Well with Menopause Menopause is a natural and normal process—not a medical condition! Thousands of women struggle on a daily basis with menopausal symptoms. They feel... read more


Heart I.Q has helped me enormously to get life into perspective, by seeing things from a different side of myself, away from the physical mind and body, helping my creative flow again.

Sarah McNaught, Author and Illustrator

I contacted Pam to discuss anxiety and stress issues after losing my job. Even though logically my mind was aware that I could handle problems or issues that occurred in every day life, this did not stop me from becoming anxious about the most simplest of situations. Pam showed me techniques to control that anxiety by using a variety of methods from breathing techniques to hypnotherapy. I found that each session was thought through for my particular situation and despite my negative thought processes, Pam always found a way of showing me how to look at things differently and ultimately in a more positive light. After just a few sessions, I was more relaxed, I am now back in full time employment and I am more positive than ever about my future.


I find Pam quiet hypnotic in her approach, it was good to chat with her and gain her advice regarding personal matters. Her calming influence and professional approach is the reason I would highly recommend Pam.


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