ph360 for Health Professionals, Coaches and Personal Trainers

Wouldn’t you love to know quickly, easily and affordably specific genetic, health and wellbeing information to share with your clients?

  • What are the right foods  for them?
  • How do they metabolise their foods?
  • What are their health risks?
  • What times of day should they eat, exercise, sleep and socialise?
  • What time of year are they most at risk from infection?
  • What climate, or place to holiday is best for them?
  • What is the right form and type of exercise that is best for them?
  • What is the best way to support and coach them to maximise results?
Introducing ph360 and Shae™ is the worlds most advanced personal health platform.  It is now supported by the interactive virtual health assistant  app  Shae™ which offers health at your finger tips.

ph360  and Shae™combine modern medical science including genetics with ancient wisdom, eastern and western methodologies,  to enable quantification of someone’s phenotype (body profile) and calculate the needs of the body, digestion, nutritional and environmental needs alongside social and lifestyle preferences, personality traits, natural skills and talents.



With just a tape measure and set of bathroom scales, to provide  anthropometry data, along with information of body characteristics, family history and environmental and lifestyle information, complex algorithms  are able to determine phenotypic and epigenetic profiles.  (These are proving to be as accurate as expensive blood tests , with the advantage  that they can be easily updated at no cost as the client makes lifestyle changes)

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One of the many layers of your unique profile is your Health Type .
There are 6 types and you can find out what type you  are by doing a short test. 
This gives you a guide on what is right for you and is better than the standard one size fits all diet programs.
However it is no substitute for ph360 and knowing specifically what your body requires to heal and maintain health. 

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