I offer a number of different events and training opportunities, both live and online.

Master your health and the health of others: ph360 Mastery series for anyone interested in personalised health for themselves or their clients.  This course is a requirement in becoming a ph360 certified coach.

Workshops and talks at the Button Warehouse, Macclesfield

I am also available to speak on health, stress, personalised health, menopause, women’s issues  at network events, radio and for staff training. 

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How do you want to age: healthily, disgracefully or joining a large part of the population struggling with chronic disease and unable to function optimally? Non of us know what the future will hold but by taking care of your health you can increase the likely hood of a healthy...

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How Epigenetics (your environment) changes your health by Pam Lob There was great excitement back in 2001 when the human genome was mapped for the first time and it was believed that we now had the answer to life and how to be healthy.  It’s turned out not to be that straight...

My Book

There are thousands of women struggling on a daily basis with menopausal symptoms.  They feel embarrassed and mortified by hot flushes.  They find it hard to sleep.  It is difficult to concentrate at work and they snap at colleagues and loved ones for no real reason.  If they consult a doctor, their symptoms are blamed on menopause and they are offered Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and anti-depressants.  Very few doctors bother to look at the real causes of their patient’s symptoms.

Menopause is a natural process, so if you are experiencing symptoms, remember that it is your body’s way of telling you something is out of alignment.

With this, expert in health and well-being and author Pam Lob releases a holistic guide to living well with menopause and beyond, naturally. A must-read!

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