Don’t let 2017 be another diet failure

Don’t let 2017 be another diet failure
by Pam Lob

Did you make weight lose one of your New Year resolutions yet again?  

If so are you still following a diet, or have you already slipped back into normal habits?
Diets and new year resolutions to exercise more, don’t work. 85-99% depending on the research you read end in failure. Leaving you feeling deflated and not good enough at best. Gyms know that by February most of the new sign ups will no longer be attending and the January oversubscribed classes will have spaces yet again! 
Why is the success rate for diets so poor?
1. They leave you feeling deprived.
2. They don’t address why you find it hard to lose weight or sustain longterm weight loss.
3. They don’t recognise that you are unique.
4. They only look at your diet and not the impact the rest of your life and your subconscious habits have on weight gain.
5. The diet industry only looks at temporary change as success, as they want to have you coming back time after time to maximise profit.
Yoyo dieting and finding that you lose weight only to regain it back, or even worse gain more is a frequent frustration for many.  Not only is it mentally demoralising but it also causes strain on your overall health, making the risk of disease, especially cancer, heart disease and diabetes more likely. 
Take a moment, make yourself a cup of herbal tea or grab a glass of water and sit quietly for a few minutes with a note pad and write down, what yoyo dieting and being unable to sustain weight lose is having….
  • on you?
  • your morale?
  • your health?
How’s it affecting 
  • your family?
  • your work?
  • your confidence?
Whats the answer?
If you want to permanently lose weight, feel in good shape and be in good health for today and the rest of your days, it’s time to stop dieting and discover a way to live and eat healthily that you can sustain for the rest of your life.  
Does this mean making changes to the way you eat, exercise and socialise.  YES it does, but what is the cost of carrying on the way you are? Look back over the notes you have just made. 
Change and losing weight is not about going with out and feeling deprived, its finding healthier alternatives and there are plenty of great recipes out there, including desserts and cake.  As you see results and feel great, change is easier to maintain. By getting support from a coach and joining a like minded community, everything becomes much simpler, as you are no longer alone, feeling like you are the only one who seems to find losing weight difficult. It’s no longer a taboo subject. A coach not only offers support and motivation, but can help you see what habits are holding you back and recognise shadows that you are unaware you have right now. We all have shadows that are often recognised by those around us, but we are unable to see. Once they come into the light, its possible to make friends with them and they are no longer a shadow, but a positive part of you. 
When you follow a personalised health plan that is right for you, it changes as you change, so you may not be allowed chocolate and wine at the beginning except as a very occasional treat, but as your body becomes healthy and energised they may be allowed more often. However when your body feels great the craving for such foods diminish and when you have them you feel satisfied with just a small amount.

Don’t let 2017 be yet another year that you fail to lose weight. Come and join me and the personalised health community, where health is our number one asset and where health and happiness is available to all. 
Pam Lob